ShoppingTomorrow launches English-language website and bluepapers

For the first time in six years of ShoppingTomorrow history, the research program is also releasing the bluepapers in English. In this way, the end products of the expert groups can also be distributed internationally via the media and within the networks of the hosts, presidents and experts.

With the theme Window to the World, it is only logical that the bluepapers should be made accessible to other countries. The English bluepapers are therefore placed on an English-language website, so that others can learn from it and they can further spread the bluepapers and knowledge.

“It would be a shame to keep all the knowledge we have gained with the more than 600 experts within the Netherlands. The international networks of our experts can now also benefit from the bluepapers. This way ShoppingTomorrow is also literally pushing its limits this year, "explains program manager Inge Demoed.

About ShoppingTomorrow

ShoppingTomorrow is the digital commerce platform for all e-commerce professionals. We jointly explore, investigate and contribute to the transformation of B2C and B2B retail. What do future developments in the field of business models, customer journey and technology, for instance, mean for employees, companies and the Netherlands? The research platform was initiated by in 2013 and is now supported by over 20 Dutch industry and special interest groups.

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