Bluepapers 2022

In 2022 over 600 ShoppingTomorrow experts, divided over 25 groups delved into various strategic topics regarding on- and offline shopping behaviour in the e-commerce sector. The findings of the participating experts, each industry professionals in their own right, have been presented these bluepapers, published in 2022. They are intended to share with you practical tips, insights and best practices, allowing you to push boundaries and bring your business a step further towards the optimal customer experience.

ShoppingTomorrow bluepapers 2022

AI, Conversational: the next level of Customer Interaction

We are facing of one of the biggest communication changes since the introduction of the internet and the smartphone. With the meteoric rise of AI and voice technology, traditional means of mass communication and websites with predefined navigation structures will give way to hyper-personalised apps, chatbots, voice-activated communication and digital assistants. Read more in this bluepaper.

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