Wim Griffioen

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Wim Griffioen
Functie: Partner
Bedrijf: Squadra

• Wim is an experienced CIO with knowledge of broad range of companies like food-retail / wholesale, manufacturing, engineering as well as government like organisations. He worked always close to the core business and is keen in translating business goals in ICT solutions. With a solid financial background he has a good understanding of the bottom line effects of various ICT investments and knows that results are not purely based on the ICT solution itself but on whole picture of the way systems are implemented, organized and controlled. • His approach is pragmatic and result driven knowing that within any organisation it’s always a team effort that gets maximum results. Wim is a team player and able to work with different cultures and communicates professionally with all levels. Innovations are closely watched and translated by Wim to possible options for the business. With a think big but start small approach Wim has brought many projects to a successful end including changes in the status quo or old work processes • Over the last 5 years Wim has been involved with many cost and business optimization programs on one side and new business development and innovations on the other. E-commerce/multichannel projects within retail/wholesale were implemented with clear deadlines and results. Wim has a broad knowledge and experience in retail from purchase/auctioning systems, logistics, finance and control, marketing / promotion and check-out systems in the offline as well as the online world. • Most recently Wim has a specific experience in Master data management solutions ranging from datapool connections to multi purpose output generation. Relevant systems in this field are STEP Stibo, Informatica, ContentServe, InRiver, SAP / Hybris and various mid tier solutions. For the food retail in the Netherlands Wim has served on the GS1 data alignment board for 7 years dealing with all kind of product data issues like on boarding / listing of suppliers, data quality improvement measures and system innovations/upgrades to keep pace with international developments and legal aspects like European legislations (e.g. Food labelling EU 1169/2011)


Wim Griffioen is voorzitter van de expertgroep  Product Information Management 2018