Inge de Ruijter

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Inge de Ruijter
Functie: Assosiate Director
Bedrijf: Bridgehead

sr. marketing & innovation manager in Payment Industry. Professional in digital identity, PSDII, GDPR, API development. Responsible for the Marketing strategy and new business development for Digital Identity for Governments and Financial institutions within Europe. In the Netherlands she worked on the launch of iDIN, a digital identity framework of members of the Dutch Payment Association. Her vision is to build a seamless digital society in which you can do trusted business in the most seamless way. She is a real entrepreneur and marketeer and already worked for many large organizations. She is always involved with the creation of new business opportunities. Really focused realization power to bring successful market propositions and create new revenue for a company. Engaged to create new partner relationships to identify new business opportunities and pursue these within sales and marketing.


Inge de Ruijter is lid van de expertgroep  E-commerce Login & Identity 2018