Tu Ngo

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Tu Ngo
Functie: Manager Digital
Bedrijf: Accenture Interactive

Tu works in Digital Consulting at Accenture Interactive, specializing in digital experiences and all things design. With this background, she aims to support clients to incorporate an iterative, people-centered, creative and fun(!) approach in their current way of working.

By combining Design Thinking, including Service / UX design, with Agile development, Tu facilitates clients’ Digital transformation in the way Business, IT and customers are collaborating. This ranges from formulating their vision and customer journeys – to running design sprints and prototyping – up to delivering solutions and continuously evaluating with users.

Tu is working cross-industry with clients in for example the Energy, Chemicals, Consumer Goods, Airline and Telecom industry. She has been doing this for end-to-end digital services as well as specific solutions such as eCommerce, portals and mobile apps.


Tu Ngo is voorzitter van de expertgroep  Omnichannel Transformation