Theo Schiebroek

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Theo Schiebroek
URI's uit de reeks "610261168" zijn hier niet beschikbaar.
Functie: Project Manager E-business
Bedrijf: itsme B.V.

From 1995, the focus of my work transformed from Direct Marketing to Online Marketing. In 2005, I got involved with integrated E-business and projects concerning Online Marketing, Multichannel and Business Development. In 2009, I had the opportunity to work on E-Commerce and Omnichannel optimization projects, driven by the Rexel-Hagemeyer merger. From 2012, together with other team members, I delivered some challenging projects concerning Webshop Usability improvement, Webshop-ERP migration and online Marcom. Currently, I am occupied with the roll out of a Magento webportal in 5 different countries and directing the Product Information Management team (PIM).

In all these years, I have learned a lot of colleagues and I am thankful that I always have collaborated with highly productive and intelligent specialists of excellent teams.


Theo Schiebroek is lid van de expertgroep  B2B Experience 2018